Ceramic Coating Services to Protect Your Investment

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Ceramic coating is a process which involves a chemical polymer being applied to the bodywork of your car, creating an extra-durable, hydrophobic layer over the top of the paint. The polymer chemically bonds to the factory paint, ensuring that it now sits beneath a semi-permanent protective layer of scratch-resistant, hydrophobic material which will keep your paintwork in factory condition.

Reasons why your car NEEDS ceramic coating

The ultimate finish

Vehicle paint is usually a 3 stage process. Grey primer is applied to the bare metal to improve paint adherence, before the coloured paint is applied, with a final layer of clearcoat or lacquer as the top layer. Over time, this finish can be dulled through oxidisation, UV exposure and chemical damage from pollutants.

Ceramic coating not only protects the integrity of the paint underneath from external contaminant, maintaining the factory condition, it adds a smooth, glassy surface to the vehicle, resulting in a deeper, glossier shine.

Easier, better cleaning

The ceramic coating layer is hydrophobic (water-repellent), meaning rainwater and water-based contaminants will be unable to adhere to the surface. So, water-based dirt and splashes can usually be removed with a gentle wipe, rather than needing a full wash.

Ceramic coating bonds to your vehicle paintwork and is a premium alternative to applying wax to the paintwork, without the need for reapplication after washing.

Elemental protection

Ceramic coatings reduce the mineral deposits and water-spotting from rain. Also, it prevents adherence of wet dirt from mud, puddles, etc and other water-based contaminants. Not only will a ceramic coating protect your car from the rain, it will protect it from the sun, preventing UV damage to the paintwork. Your vehicle’s paint will have improved resilience to contaminants such as bird droppings, leaves and tree sap, with the vulnerable paintwork layer sealed safely away under a durable ceramic top layer.

Protect your investment

Protecting your vehicle’s paint from UV degradation, chemical etching and oxidisation will protect its value both as a plaything and an investment.

A ceramic coating will help keep your vehicle in pristine condition while you’re driving it, helping you maximise your enjoyment of it. Furthermore, it will also help maintain its eventual sale value if and when you decide to sell it.

How does H2O’s ceramic coating service work?

First, we’ll need to see the vehicle to examine the paintwork’s current condition. After completing the form below, one of our specialist head detailers will contact you to arrange a viewing and no-obligation consultation where we’ll locate any existing paint defects and discuss the process with you.

Paint correction

Depending on the current condition of your vehicle, it may need a paint correction treatment in advance of the ceramic coating. This will remove swirl marks, light scratches, uneven areas of clearcoat and other visual defects from the paintwork.

This is an important part of the process as the paint needs to be in pristine condition prior to the ceramic application. The ceramic coating will “lock” the paint to the state it is in upon application. Our specialist detailers will ensure your paintwork gets a glassy-smooth finish prior to ceramic coating, for a premium result.

Ceramic Coating

Once the car has had its paintwork restored to showroom condition, we’ll being the chemical application process. The ceramic polymer will bond with the newly-pristine paint, locking in its ultra-smooth finish and adding a deep, glossy shine.

If you decide to go ahead, the whole ceramic coating process will take 2-3 days to complete, dependent on the vehicle type and condition of the paint. This includes necessary time for the ceramic compound to cure properly.  Our specialists will be able to give specific advice during your appointment.

Book your ceramic coating consultation and protect your pride and joy

Simply choose from the participating branches of H2O Car Valeting and complete the form below. One of our specialists will be in touch to arrange a no-obligation consultation with you. We’ll need to assess the current condition of your vehicle and will talk you through the rest of the process. Prices for a ceramic coating start at £850, but you pay us nothing until and unless you decide to proceed.

Ceramic Coating services are available at selected H2O Car Valeting locations

H2O Car Valeting are proud to use Matrix Ceramic Coatings to protect our customers’ vehicles