About H2O Car Valeting

H2O Car Valeting was founded in 2003, from a vision seeking to combine the convenience of locations at popular shopping venues, with the quality and standards of service that can only be delivered when time is taken to do the job well.

Unlike drive-through or “while you wait” car washes, we don’t aim to provide a high-speed, high volume car wash service. Instead, we take our time, to take care of the details, and take the proper care of your vehicle that it deserves. We work, while you spend a couple of hours at the shops or having lunch, before coming back to a car that looks, feels and smells brand new.

Our Values

Over the course of our years in business, H2O Car Valeting have developed a strong set of values that we live every day by, to ensure that every customer enjoys the same fantastic experience. We love cars too, so we fully appreciate what yours means to you – that’s why we select only the most skilled vehicle detailing professionals to be a part of the H2O team, and hold them to exacting personal and performance standards.


Our staff will always communicate openly and honestly with our customers, regardless of who they are and what car they drive, and use their professional experience to help customers make informed choices about which of our services are right for their needs.


We know how much pride our customers take in their vehicles. That’s why we aim to take the same pride in our work, taking every task personally, being accountable for ensuring the customer has a great experience, and their car looks fantastic at the end of it.


We want our staff to feel and show a passion for motoring, auto detailing, and customer service. We’re a customer satisfaction-driven organisation, and that passion to achieve the highest standards of aesthetic excellence is what sets us apart from a regular car wash.


Our staff are focused on taking care; treating your pride and joy with the proper care it deserves, taking care of all the small details, and taking care to ensure every aspect of our service is performed to a high standard. Our focus is always on the details that add up to the end result.

The best tools and people for the job

H2O Car Valeting put only the best car detailing and cleaning products in the hands of highly-trained, experienced and passionate vehicle detailing specialists. We give our people the tried-and-tested tools they need to produce consistently excellent results on our customers’ vehicles, and we’re constantly investigating new products, equipment and supplier partnerships to make sure we’re always at the forefront of vehicle care.

H2O Car Valeting have incredibly stringent criteria for the tools and products we use in our detailing centres, with every item needing to meet high standards for safety and quality of results.

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Our Locations

Since opening our very first H2O Car Valeting centre at Birmingham’s Mailbox shopping centre in 2003, our ethos has always been about combining a great quality of service with a great day out for the customer – we treat your car, while you treat yourself.

We now have 16 locations in 11 premium shopping centres across the UK, specifically chosen to ensure our customers can have a great day out before returning to a car that looks, feels and smells like new.

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Much more than just a car wash

H2O Car Valeting’s services are designed to restore and rejuvenate your vehicle, inside and out – like driving away in a new car every time. Our passionate vehicle detailing specialists have a keen eye and exacting standards, with a drive to ensure that every car is a shining example.

Whether your car needs a wash and wax, a full interior valet and detail, or more specialised attention like paint restoration or ceramic coating, H2O Car Valeting have a service that will put the joy back into your pride and joy.

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Take a look inside

We’re sure you’ll be impressed by our facilities and the results we deliver in them. Here’s a sneak peak inside H2O Car Valeting, so you know what to expect when you arrive – and when you leave.

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