Your premium car wash, auto detailer and vehicle valeter

Treat your car while you treat yourself

Imagine that after hitting the shops for some new things… you come back to a new car. Imagine no longer – H2O Car Valeting isn’t just a car wash, it’s a spa day for your car. Our car care packages will bring new life into your paintwork and have your car looking, feeling and smelling like new, inside and outside. With specialist care and attention from experienced, passionate auto detailers, your pride and joy will be in good hands while you shop till you drop.

Not just a car wash – it’s what your car deserves
Here’s how it works…


Come On In

  • Either book online to secure your drop-off time
  • ….or simply drive in whenever you feel like it.
  • H2O Car Valeting is all about customer convenience


Let’s Take A Look

  • A quick sprucing up?
  • Or a problem stain?
  • Our friendly staff will help you choose the service that’s best for you


Treat Yourself…

  • Hit the shops…
  • …or grab some lunch
  • Let us take care of the hard work


…While We Treat Your Car

  • Starting with a hot soapy wash…
  • …we’ll pamper your car
  • We’ll take care of the details


Come Back To A New Car

  • We’ll drop you a text when your car is ready…
  • …so just come back whenever you are
  • Your car will look, feel and smell like new


Drive Home Safely

  • A nice day out…
  • …and a nice drive home
  • What more could you want?

How to find H2O Car Valeting’s
Selfridges Moor Street centre

H2O Car Valeting is located in the Selfridges Car Park on Moor Street, and is signposted from the entrance. Unfortunately, our Moor Strret location is currently closed for essential car park maintenance – your nearest H2O Car Valeting is at Bullring, and they’re ready to treat you and your car now.

Here’s what our customers are saying about
H2O Moor Street

…so why not see for yourself?

Unfortunately, H2O Moor Street is temporarily closed for essential car park maintenance.

Your nearest H2O Car Valeting location is Bullring Birmingham