We all love getting ready for summer and looking good on those hot sunny days. So why not treat your car to our new Summer Special! FULL of summer goodies its guaranteed to get your car looking showroom clean and get heads turning.

We’ll pamper your car and treat it to a luxury exterior hand wash followed by a thorough makeover for the interior including deep cleaning your floor mats and, if you have leather seats, treating them with Autoglym leather conditioner.

Sunglasses? Don’t be surprised if you catch someone putting on their sunglasses suddenly when admiring your car. Our Autoglym High Definition Wax will be the finishing touch and have your car gleaming like a jewel. Waxed by hand Autoglym HD Wax seals in the shine of your paintwork and protect it from the elements.

Packed with TLC and quite rightly one of our most popular services.



Our Summer Special has been designed to get your car shining brightly ready for those hot summer months! Our HD wax will seal in the shine and stop the rain from dulling your paintwork whilst an interior treatment will leave your car feeling cosy and fresh.
Our professional valeters use a combination of Karcher pressure washers and Autoglym products to ensure your car gets back to looking its best.




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Do I need to leave my keys when I drop off my car with H2O?

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Yes, you will need to leave your car keys with H2O when you book a car wash as our fully insured valeters will be moving your car in to designated valeting areas. Where possible, your car will be brought to meet you once your service is complete. Otherwise, your car will be parked ready for you to collect and the keys will be stored securely in our safes.

Do I need to pre-book my service?

We always recommend booking before your visit. Although it isn’t necessary, a booking allows our sites and valeters to prepare for your car and put aside an appropriate amount of time for your service. If you’ve booked at one of our busier times and found yourself unable to enter a full car park – don’t worry! We understand delays can happen and we’re happy to move your time slot.

What if I have a special request or want to make an addition to my service?

Our specially trained Customer Service Team are on hand to take any special requests you may have for your service. When booking in your car at a H2O site, simply give your request to the person serving you and the valeting team will be made aware o your requirements.
Some of our services are available as an add-ons and can be added to your service at an additional cost.

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