Let’s Get Ready For Autumn…

Let’s Get Ready For Autumn…

The nights are drawing in and the little sun shine we Brits have enjoyed this summer has quickly turned to a drizzle and fog. Autumn is well and truly here and with it comes the H2O Autumn Special.

This season, we’ve created the ultimate service to get your Pride and Joy prepared for whatever the colder months may bring.

This time of year, we’re all about protection from the elements! After washing away the remains of a short lived Summer, we’ll cheer up your bodywork with a Autoglym HD wax upgrade. Using Autoglym HD wax gives your paintwork a new lease of life and luster whilst creating a barrier to rain and grime. As an added bonus, a coat of Rain X will repel the rain and keep your windscreen clear for up to several months.

It’s getting chilly out there, so time to get snug in a fresh smelling, spotless interior. A deep clean with the vacuum will remove any leftover sand and muddy foot or paw prints. We’ll get your leather seats shining with an Autoglym Leather Care treatments, or for a little extra we can shampoo and scrub fabric seats!

For the Autumn Special, we’ve removed all large car charges!

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